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1to1 Training

I’ve been working over the last few years as a coach fascinated about how we can personalise training for individuals. In every industry now you can get something personalised for ‘you’ whether it’s food, a new car or a personal training session. As a player and as a coach we all have our own goals or aspirations of what we are trying to achieve. But do we always get the support or know how of how to do that? Group training or team training is a fantastic way of developing players, at the end of the day football is a team game. The better the individual the better the team? Possibly, it’s not always the case because we have seen over the years some of the great players haven’t necessarily made a great team – Real Madrid where searching for years for a winning formula again. What is key is developing players have the essential core skills to provide them with foundations they can develop their game on. Now, take a player like Cristiano Ronaldo – when he first joined united he wasn’t the most effective player on the pitch intact he had some fantastic skills but the game transfer wasn’t there. He didn’t know what, where, how, when, why he should do a move when 1to1. Someone like Rene Malustein worked with Ronaldo over a period of time developing him in position specific movements and technical work to help improve this. As well as developing him physically and psychologically too Ronaldo transformed and is one of the best players of the modern era. What was key to Ronaldo’s development? He had the skills gained and developed during his youth career, but had them all enhanced through this personal training concept. Is there a game transfer for something like this? Well, no in a personal 1to1 session you are simply missing a team. But you can develop the psychi, technique and physicality of the player to be able to work in that environment of a competitive team fixture. That’s why I feel going forward we will see more technical, physical, psychological specialists working with players at all levels of the game.

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