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Technical Balance

Do you promote Technical Balance in your sessions? Is everything repeated on the same foot the same in each of your sessions? A number of great players are one of footed – but wouldn’t they be better players if they were both footed? Think about how you can promote this inside/outside your sessions!


Robin Van Persie: Season So Far

Van Persie has scored 11 goals with his left and 7 with his right –

All of his 19 goals coming in two touches or less. With a large percentage coming from between the outside of the 6 yard box and the 18 yard box –

What does that tell us? Well, he doesn’t have much time when finishing in those areas and has the confidence and ability to finish on both feet! Do you teach your players to finish like this expert?


History of the FA

Last night I watched the England V Brazil game – I watched the build up for the game. ITV don’t always show many items that differentiate you kind of already know what to expect. Team Line Ups, Adverts, Highlighting a couple of England & opposition players and the occasional interview. I found myself watching very closely when Alex Oxlade Chamberlain did a short take on the 150 years of The FA. I watched it, and watched it over and over again. The history of football is fantastic from how it started to how it has become now in the ‘modern game.’ To think in 1863 the first set of rules where created for the ‘universal game.’

A good little clip to show to your players & clubs – will certainly give people more of an insight into the history of football. And why it is the worlds greatest game.


I can’t believe it has been 8 years since the new Wembley opened how time has passed. Think of all of these changes over the years – I wonder what will be ahead for us…

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