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UEFA B Day 3

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Day 3 has come… Boy I feel tired! Aside from the physical and psychological demands of the course I have found socially I have been destroyed by living in the travel lodge hotel room with George. Sorry George.

Anyway, back to being serious –
When we arrived, rather lethargically we were asked to recap and review the sessions from yesterday by finalising our drawings on some board paper. What Geoff was looking at I believe anyway, was how we had developed our session plans.

Okay! Next workshop Defending Principles of Play






We then looked what and actually has influenced how these have recycled over the history of football. In its entirety they have always remained the same but differed and been adjusted by different coaches. These are what we call influencers –

One of these influencers is Caldera from his development of Newells Old Boys and how that philosophy has followed him through to clubs such as Athletico Madrid


Guardiola, is someone that took what was already their in terms of this high pressure off the ball.

The impact is you create players like Van Bommel, when the game is now going more to players like Dembele who can hold/screen but also can play once they have one the ball.

Ben Bartlett, Geoff and Colin all delivered some great sessions – looking at defending principles but also pressure and screening.

We then came in and looked at 3 things we have taken individually away from each of the days. 1 thing from each day –

Day 1 – attacking principles of play
Day 2 – communication styles
Day 3 – defending principles

We then on our tables were asked to plan a themed session –
Which we will review on the morning of Day 4.

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Many thanks
Ross Brooks


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