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Hi All,
Today I started day 1 on my UEFA B – after waking up at 5:15am expecting to be travelling to Hertfordshire FA on a long journey; it was quite the opposite. We arrive just after 8:00am, turned up – sat in the car – needed the toilet after too many coffees, and was pleasantly met by our Tutors. Geoff Pike, Ben Bartlett, John Beck & Colin we got straight into it. The interested part was certainly the theory & how they believe the course is evolved and constantly evolving. Despite being eager to get out on the field, I actually found the theory the most beneficial part of the day.
Firstly we went about what the course was about, what you can expect to get from it & develop when doing in the course – it was quite clear that The FA have really had a kick up the backside on developing coaches in this country.

When delivering I noted that I needed to think about these areas when delivering:

– On the ball
-Away from the ball
-Around the ball
We spoke about these 3 components being keen when delivering – entwining the Youth Module 3 of developing the player with how you can individually challenge and effect players off the ball.
We spoke about “Defending when your possession off the ball.”

Workshop 1 – Philosophy
– Some science to consider:
*98% of children have divergent genius capacity.
*You are the product of your experiences.
*33% of children change their learning/behaviour when they have input in their learning.
*’Improve as a coach when praising effort.’

You also need to check out Break Point http://www.amazon.co.uk/Out-Our-Minds-Learning-Creative/dp/1907312471/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1350932593&sr=8-2 heard some good feedback on this book from the course too!

*Definition of Philosophy: System of theories on nature of things or on conduct. What is yours?
We also contrasted the Winning & Development:
Select Players
Play Strongest Teams
Release Players
Measure success by results
All welcome
Positive Behavior code for all players
Measure success by enjoyment
All get the chance to play equally
I think these areas in particular is something which is something which is clear to see some coaches at Grass Roots & even at ‘Elite Level,’ sometimes find this difficult to understand. I think it is important to set out your philosophy from day 1, as soon as you can! Not only for your players, coaches at the club but also for the parents. Ultimately they have more contact time with the children/players can effect the players massively.

Which one do you value most?
One of our questions in the workshop was also how do we plan our season syllabus? We looked at a number of different questions on tables that also may effect this, but also how this is affected too. We believe after being told to try and summaries in 5 points the following:
Find out the Club Philosophy from the top down – what do they want from Adult, through to Mini Soccer?
Find out their aim & objectives; but also develop your own
Evaluation Period – Pre Season work out what your players need, as a unit, as a team but also individually. This also should consider the 4 corner model too.
Structure Syllabus – look at the above, to develop your syllabus. This needs to be something that you can adapt too – a guideline can help but will change at a constant during the course of the season.
ADAPTABILITY – Believe, Change if their is a need!
Something Ben Bartlett also spoke about in his presentation was Nested Goals. He came up with a slide on this concept that I hadn’t necessarily covered in too much depth previously.
He looked at:
If you can do some research into this I would throughout recommend it; or alternatively wait for me too do some!
Ben also presented a great slide on ‘progress through opportunities,’ and how from his time at Chelsea the Ladies & Girls team had a structure and a progression for players at the club. As they don’t have or didn’t have the finance from when he was their compared to some of the other ladies clubs; he believed this was very important to their gradual success.
So what are the Attacking Principles of Play?
Now, these are areas that we are supposedly meant to have covered on our Level 2 courses. I mean I did mine in 2009, but I cannot recall like a number of coaches coming across this specific terminology. So it was great to understand how – when delivering – what areas you are meant to coach & very similar to when you delivered challenges on the Youth Module 3 follow a structure on your delivery. I think in its entirety – I need to learn these, develop these within my sessions, this will help me to develop and hopefully pass the course also.
We looked at making all of our future sessions position based. We spoke about different systems that actually allow you to coach more attacking principles. One of the systems was the 4-3-3 as it allows you to create more diamond shapes, which ultimately allows for more players to be able to receive the ball.
We also looked at 3 different terms within attacking principles of play – something we considered was System, Strategy & Tactics. Below are some of the views that we discussed by all coaches – but also put forward to the tutors of the course.

What shape will you set up?
Roles & Responsabilities
To be adaptive

What will you do?
Game Plan – to achieve a result? To achieve a certain objective?
How your going to do it
A plan to achieve your objective
Restarts (Set Pieces.)
Adapt – Change it based on how the team is doing?
An overview I believe of these are the following:
System – How we will set up
Strategy – What we will do
Tactics – How we will do it
We were also asked about what the follow mean?
Possesion –
Support –
Dispersal –
Can you come up with the answers?

I hope you enjoyed the read,
Please feel free to follow or contact me on ross.brooks@coerver.co.uk or on Twitter @CoerverRoss
Many Thanks,
Ross Brooks.


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