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Power of Plenaries

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with two highly experienced teachers that have delivered in both KS1 & KS2 in a number of different schools – and one of the main outcomes was how important they felt the power of plenaries actually was. They certainly believed giving children the opportunity to self reflect but also recap on what they have done previously is crucial to their development. If your not using this tool already, try it. Do your players know what they have done the previous week? Or are they able to highlight some of the key components or micro parts of the previous session(s). This ties in certainly to the art of delivering and using a whole host of styles, but also how you pitch key words to children in a logical order is vital.

They both gave some great examples of how plenaries and mini plenaries have been powerful in their experience, one mentioned a time were they had been working on over arm throws during a Physical Education lesson – one individual, was particularly strong with the technical elements of this basic skill and teacher used this to their advantage. After delivering points to the children on how to throw overarm, the teacher told me how she had asked the class to list the points. Nothing. Not an answer. So she used this individual that was doing very well with his throwing and asked him to show the class the throw. She then asked again, what has he done well? Gradually ideas and answers came… so the power of this mini plenary told her that number of her children were very receptive to this way of recapping. Subsequent to this, she has now taken as a teacher and incorporates it in almost all of her lessons, but through a variety of different ways.

“Catch them when they do it well” comes into mind at this point, and I certainly think it’s a tool as a coach you should try and see if it works.


1to1 Training

I’ve been working over the last few years as a coach fascinated about how we can personalise training for individuals. In every industry now you can get something personalised for ‘you’ whether it’s food, a new car or a personal training session. As a player and as a coach we all have our own goals or aspirations of what we are trying to achieve. But do we always get the support or know how of how to do that? Group training or team training is a fantastic way of developing players, at the end of the day football is a team game. The better the individual the better the team? Possibly, it’s not always the case because we have seen over the years some of the great players haven’t necessarily made a great team – Real Madrid where searching for years for a winning formula again. What is key is developing players have the essential core skills to provide them with foundations they can develop their game on. Now, take a player like Cristiano Ronaldo – when he first joined united he wasn’t the most effective player on the pitch intact he had some fantastic skills but the game transfer wasn’t there. He didn’t know what, where, how, when, why he should do a move when 1to1. Someone like Rene Malustein worked with Ronaldo over a period of time developing him in position specific movements and technical work to help improve this. As well as developing him physically and psychologically too Ronaldo transformed and is one of the best players of the modern era. What was key to Ronaldo’s development? He had the skills gained and developed during his youth career, but had them all enhanced through this personal training concept. Is there a game transfer for something like this? Well, no in a personal 1to1 session you are simply missing a team. But you can develop the psychi, technique and physicality of the player to be able to work in that environment of a competitive team fixture. That’s why I feel going forward we will see more technical, physical, psychological specialists working with players at all levels of the game.

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Academy Soccer Coach

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Movements in Football

Movements in Football

An excellent read on trying to the understand the movements in football.

Technical Balance

Do you promote Technical Balance in your sessions? Is everything repeated on the same foot the same in each of your sessions? A number of great players are one of footed – but wouldn’t they be better players if they were both footed? Think about how you can promote this inside/outside your sessions!

Robin Van Persie: Season So Far

Van Persie has scored 11 goals with his left and 7 with his right –

All of his 19 goals coming in two touches or less. With a large percentage coming from between the outside of the 6 yard box and the 18 yard box –

What does that tell us? Well, he doesn’t have much time when finishing in those areas and has the confidence and ability to finish on both feet! Do you teach your players to finish like this expert?


History of the FA

Last night I watched the England V Brazil game – I watched the build up for the game. ITV don’t always show many items that differentiate you kind of already know what to expect. Team Line Ups, Adverts, Highlighting a couple of England & opposition players and the occasional interview. I found myself watching very closely when Alex Oxlade Chamberlain did a short take on the 150 years of The FA. I watched it, and watched it over and over again. The history of football is fantastic from how it started to how it has become now in the ‘modern game.’ To think in 1863 the first set of rules where created for the ‘universal game.’

A good little clip to show to your players & clubs – will certainly give people more of an insight into the history of football. And why it is the worlds greatest game.


I can’t believe it has been 8 years since the new Wembley opened how time has passed. Think of all of these changes over the years – I wonder what will be ahead for us…

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